Our African porn category consists of black women only. We have deliberately chosen not to include North African women as they are in a separate category. Even though all of these women are black, there are still physical differences between regions of Africa. For example, you can search by country if you have a preference for a particular type of African woman. On the other hand, all these chicks will be black and this is a porn where there are very few mixed-race women. But that’s also why people go for this kind of African porn because they want authentic black women.


The porn industry is non-existent in Africa. We are not aware of any professional video producers. This has limited the emergence of African pornstars. There are some listed on One example is Angolan Halona Vog who is one of the few mixed-race women you will find in the videos. At 31 years old, Halona already has a long career which makes her the number one actress from Africa. There is also the Cameroonian Josy Black who has a status between amateur and pornstar. But it is above all the rising star of African porn Real Zaawaadi who is currently in the spotlight. This Kenyan woman with an atypical physique, as she is bald, is increasingly participating in international porn videos. We don’t know of any other actresses that can be added to this list. You can see that their number is very small compared to other continents.

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