Black Daizy Cooper with two bisexual men


The young black girl Daizy Cooper is going to fuck two completely different bisexual men. The first one is vigorously active while the second one is timid and the object of humiliations from Daizy. The video begins with a weight training session where the young black woman is lying on her back pushing a weight bar. The man who helps her to lift the bar quickly pulls down his pants so that Daizy Cooper sucks his cock. He then spreads her pussy to put his tongue inside. It is at this moment that a second man enters. He will play the role of the passive, timid and humiliated guy. He goes directly on all fours beside the black woman. She grabs him by the hair and forces him to pump the other guy’s cock. They are both bisexuals since the guy lets himself be done without flinching. Then the black girl starts riding the passive man’s cock while the other guy has his face near her pussy just as an observer. He still gets to lick the balls and anus of the man in action with Daizy Cooper. To complete the humiliation, she will force him to lick the cum spilled on her lower belly.

Date: October 14, 2022
Actors: daizy cooper

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