Czech Vladka didn’t know her gynecologist was a lesbian


When the Czech brunette Vladka went to her gynecologist, she did not imagine that she was a lesbian. However, the beginning of her check-up seemed quite normal and professional. The gynecologist took the information of her name, age and the reason for her visit. She then asked Vladka to get naked to perform all kinds of examinations. But there are signs that do not deceive. For example, the way the gynecologist titillates the nipples of the Czech woman. At this stage, she is still not sure that her gynecologist is a lesbian. But she will quickly have the certainty of it during a double taking of temperature. Indeed, the gynaecologist pushes two thermometers into her at the same time, one in the vagina and the other in the anus. It is then her finger that she will introduce in the two orifices of Vladka from Keutar. She is now certain, her gynecologist is a dyke. However, that does not disturb her because these intimate and naughty auscultations get her pleasure. The gynecologist goes much further with the use of a speculum to remove the Czech’s pussy. This still does not impress Vladka who even agrees to masturbate with a dildo that the doctor has just given her.

Date: January 14, 2023

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