Mouth gagged in a submission session


We have rarely seen a woman being gagged in this way in a bdsm and submission session. We are even at the limit of sadism in this video. At the beginning, this brunette woman who is still dressed has her hands and feet tied to a metal bar. She already has an object that spreads her mouth. Despite her attempts to free herself from his embrace, she’s unable to do so. The master of bdsm takes advantage of it to give her small blows of stick on the sole of the feet. This bdsm session had remained rather soft until now. But things are gonna change for this submissive woman. Her neck is gonna be placed between two kind of vices so that she can’t move her head. Her mouth is still held apart by a metal object while a hook pulls her nose up. But the bdsm master has one more surprise for this woman. He’ll pinch her tongue with an iron clamp.

Date: September 15, 2022

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